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Jessica and Valerie can't agree whether to relocate their independent-minded mother Sally in the face of her increasing memory lapses. They both love her very much, but Jessica is concerned she might start endangering herself or others, and Valerie worries that imposing change on her will harm her emotionally, especially since Sally is very attached to her autonomy.

Brian runs an in-home caregiver service. He would like to offer his clients the best care possible and maximize his employees' performance and job satisfaction. At the same time, he faces challenges of cost and rapid turnover. Two recent hires have left the firm after frustrating and / or violent interactions with the seniors they were caring for.

Sonja, one of Brian's remaining employees, is struggling - she took this job out of a genuine concern for helping the elderly, but after one assignment on which a family member frequently hovered and criticized Sonja's care and another in which the elder she cared for fought her each time she had to bathe, she is feeling at the end of her rope, and wondering if she will be able to help anyone after all.

A couple of years ago Sandip's mother Rinku suffered a minor stroke, after which she and her husband Sumul decided to move from India to Arizona to be close to her son and his wife. Sumul has remained in relatively good health, but Rinku has deteriorated mentally and physically. She herself is peaceful, but the other family members are beginning to grieve and also to worry how to best meet her needs.

From Carlos' perspective, his marriage was very happy until his wife Lola's mother Maria moved in with them. At the time, he had agreed that their home was the right place for Maria after she began having difficulty caring for herself, but it has been a thankless task helping to care for her, and he feels that Lola will not listen to any complaints about it from him.

Billie is worried about how her daughter children are adjusting to their grandfather's moving in with them. Her son is starting to make fun of his failing memory, sometimes enlisting her daughter. Both of them tend to avoid talking to him when the family is together. She has exhorted them both to be kind, but she realizes they don't really grasp what's happening to their grandpa.

Mark is upset: The second caregiver the service sent for his aging father hasn't worked out any better than the first. Carole is pleasant enough, but she is stern with Mark's father George and corrects him verbally. Even though George is a gentle soul and doesn't tend to confront Carole, Mark is sure he is not enjoying the experience with her. He just wishes Carole knew more about interacting with George.

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